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Grizzly Telecaster Kits – Build it they will play

Grizzly Telecaster Kits –  yeah that’s me in all my glory there, after I put together my son’s Tele Kit we bought from Grizzly.

The standard kit is 129.00, and I have to say, pretty cool for the cash.  A lot of the pre-cut parts are just a hair off, but for an old guitar hacker like me, it’s okay, I like the challenge of making it work.

Remember in the back of your tune driven mind, you are making a 500.00 plus guitar for a fraction of the cost. It only takes minor tweaking, but you need the tools to do it, it’s not a paint by numbers thing.  You will feel like you are really building a guitar.  The instruction book is very helpful, if you can get past the man thing, and read the directions.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box on this one.

The last kit that I bought, yeah, I forked out more to buy another one, gotta make mine better than the Gentle Giant that lives upstairs, it had a lot of flaws, something to really sink your teeth in.  A thinking man’s kit.

I had to shave the neck to fit, the pick guard needed some tweaking, the input jack hole not the right size, a hackers dream so to say,  where your creative juices find no bounds, stop bitching just dooo-it.  It’s your guitar, make it what you want to is how I approached it.

The string through bridge mount bridge is very cool, the pick ups are okay.  Add some magnets and walla, mega tele – Grizzly, call me, I’d be glad to help!

Don’t be afraid of this value, it will bring out the best in you, great kit for the thinking man.  They sell an abundance of tools to help on your quest to be a “guitar making god”

If your unsure and have some questions, feel free to email me, or if your interested in a custom made kit but don’t have the know how – email me.

buck at

Gibson Explorer and Jackson Humbuckers

Several years back, I received a challenge from a young heavy metal guitarist, Eric from a band local Chicago band called “Blizzard”, this was a black Gibson Explorer and he wanted two Jackson Humbuckers installed in it.

The problem being Jackson’s are larger than the original pickup (body route)! After several times of “I don’t think it will work”, I knuckled down and went to the task at hand.

My router was a blazing, and Gibson body wood was flying all over the basement. The idea finally came full circle.

Jackson pick ups are very cool, and their support staff was very helpful. With wiring and the like, I have since lost my contact with Jackson pickups. If anyone has one, do share. Well worth the search (Holy Grail Stuff)

I have done two guitars with Jackson pick ups and my clients loved them, they said “one of kind guitars” I will share more on the Bullit I modified later….

Gibson’s collection of unique, collector model guitars.

In search of Pot – Volume Pot that is

Being new to blogging, I hope I am not out of line and didn’t get all the hippies riled up with my title, nor do I want to be out of line asking for assistance, but I am in search of a pot for an old 1972 Sunn Studio lead 2-10″ speaker transistor amp.

This baby is a very cool amp, and it’s loud and clean and reminds me of the good old days! But the pot was going bad! I tried a 25k pot and a 18k pot, old stock I had laying around, not very happening if you get my meaning – blah at best actually.

I believe the pot to be a CentraLab Pot 1347230 3/8 shaft – 23-1113, it tested at 15k?

I am not sure this is the right value (going bad and all) The original pot is soldered to pc board with a ground leg acting as support for the pc board. I’ve tried various supply houses, no luck. Any help would be appreciated!

A close match to it was $150.00, not an exact match either (NOS) I only paid $120.00 for the amp at a local pawn shop! Great shopping there! .

Ibanez Roadstar Guitar

Here is an interesting story, being the guitar tech and looking for a new challenge, I visited
Guitar Center
to purchase a Floyd Rose Trem on sale for 99.00. Guess what?

I got to the store and they were all sold out. On my way out the door, I walked past two Ibanez Road Star Guitars for 159.00 each, they had a Floyd Style Trem (Pro Rocker), I played each one of them, no vibe, out of tune, bad…

I couldn’t be denied the Floyd, so I bought one anyhow, just to have the Trem to work on, and I did work on it. I recessed the Trem Route, so I could go up like Steve Vai.

A DiMarzio Pro 151 soon went in the bridge pickup, followed by a Jackson Single Coil in the neck spot.

A push pull pot and various toggles, it became “My Almost” favorite guitar in the Band – Future History


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