Here is an interesting story, being the guitar tech and looking for a new challenge, I visited
Guitar Center
to purchase a Floyd Rose Trem on sale for 99.00. Guess what?

I got to the store and they were all sold out. On my way out the door, I walked past two Ibanez Road Star Guitars for 159.00 each, they had a Floyd Style Trem (Pro Rocker), I played each one of them, no vibe, out of tune, bad…

I couldn’t be denied the Floyd, so I bought one anyhow, just to have the Trem to work on, and I did work on it. I recessed the Trem Route, so I could go up like Steve Vai.

A DiMarzio Pro 151 soon went in the bridge pickup, followed by a Jackson Single Coil in the neck spot.

A push pull pot and various toggles, it became “My Almost” favorite guitar in the Band – Future History