Being new to blogging, I hope I am not out of line and didn’t get all the hippies riled up with my title, nor do I want to be out of line asking for assistance, but I am in search of a pot for an old 1972 Sunn Studio lead 2-10″ speaker transistor amp.

This baby is a very cool amp, and it’s loud and clean and reminds me of the good old days! But the pot was going bad! I tried a 25k pot and a 18k pot, old stock I had laying around, not very happening if you get my meaning – blah at best actually.

I believe the pot to be a CentraLab Pot 1347230 3/8 shaft – 23-1113, it tested at 15k?

I am not sure this is the right value (going bad and all) The original pot is soldered to pc board with a ground leg acting as support for the pc board. I’ve tried various supply houses, no luck. Any help would be appreciated!

A close match to it was $150.00, not an exact match either (NOS) I only paid $120.00 for the amp at a local pawn shop! Great shopping there! .