Several years back, I received a challenge from a young heavy metal guitarist, Eric from a band local Chicago band called “Blizzard”, this was a black Gibson Explorer and he wanted two Jackson Humbuckers installed in it.

The problem being Jackson’s are larger than the original pickup (body route)! After several times of “I don’t think it will work”, I knuckled down and went to the task at hand.

My router was a blazing, and Gibson body wood was flying all over the basement. The idea finally came full circle.

Jackson pick ups are very cool, and their support staff was very helpful. With wiring and the like, I have since lost my contact with Jackson pickups. If anyone has one, do share. Well worth the search (Holy Grail Stuff)

I have done two guitars with Jackson pick ups and my clients loved them, they said “one of kind guitars” I will share more on the Bullit I modified later….

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