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2008 August | - Part 2
Archive for August, 2008

Epiphone Dot Guitar Modification

I purchased a Korean made Dot, it really was a nice guitar, yet it had somewhat of a blah tone to it.  I decided I would try putting in 2 Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbuckers.  Along with a Gotoh ABR Bridge and WALLA, I could say.. almost a 335.

I moved the selector switch and the volume pot, so I could do volume swells easier.!!

This is one of my favorite guitars to play.

Remember the sound that Eric Clapton had when he was with Cream? Sound was mostly a 335, regardless of what the media showed you!.

Guild – S-100 Bridge Problems

A gift to my son from a dear friend of ours Rick, was a Guild S-100, and being 16 years old, he decided he needed it tweaked, willing to sit with me through hours of investigation, clean up and prep… I don’t think so, and I ran into a little problem.

The roller bridge is a very hard replacement to find, and the one on this was very badly worn. (no luck in finding a replacement). By trial and error, I decided to mount a Gibson ABR, thinking to myself, the string spacing is just a tad to wide.

It was..

I found a Washburn ABR style bridge on an Oscar Schmidt the Delta King 335 Style, sold by Musicians Friend & Guitar Centers , it was almost the correct fit, close enough for a government worker. I masquerade as a city worker during the day.

The action will be a hair high, but it can be lowered with a little bit of assistance from a guitar technician. My son does like the action high for playing slide guitar, so therefore, no more problem!.

Bucks Guitar Modifications

Well, here goes, my first blog after months of arm twisting from sketch artist wife has me blogging.

Being old school there was a natural resistance!! I got into my guitar modifications 30 years ago, just being curious and afraid. The afraid part came from thinking guitars were magical, and only well trained professionals could play guitar or work on them.

My first real guitar was a 1967 or 1968 – red two single coil Gibson Melody Maker, scared to death, I could barely even play it, let alone know how to work on it. (That magical guitar thing coming into play) I traded it for a 1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. Which I still have today – Thank you very much.

My first real experience of breaking the magic guitar stigma came in 1983 or there abouts, when I was given an Epiphone Les Paul Kit. It was an ash body with a set mahogany neck. It was a Gibson Les Paul Body, sold as an Epiphone. I added Schaller Tuners, DiMarzio Dual Sound Pickups, finishing the body and neck in a natural finish, with Spar Varnish.

I mounted all the hardware, and ackkkhhh, the wiring thing — (That magic guitar thing kicked in again)

Sheer Terror..I bought books, I to friends, still afraid one of my friends, Jack Lukas – Eleven Eleven is his new band. He took me to a real guitar repair man. Mark from MDS in Chicago, Mark and I talked a lot about wiring options and shielding all of which I knew nothing about. Finally with Mark’s talent and my ideas, my epi-kit was born.

Picture to follow – from there my Mod God Career got started, working on friends guitars, and each being a learning experience. Having more balls than brains and a lot of luck, I helped many friends with their guitar problems.

Input jacks, guitar pickups, re-stringing guitars, setting intonation, guitar neck adjustments, etc..etc..

I have read and studied anything I can get my hands on, and to this day still have a thirst for knowledge..

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