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Talk About Smoking Pot

For all you that thought this was something else, you were wrong as usual… Back to old Sunn Amp – the Volume Control was what I was really seeking and no longer available.  After going through extensive catalogs and finding the NOS part is not available, and if it was, would run us about 200.00.

I decided I would re-build the old Volume Control or Pot which is 15K and no longer available – I came to the decision after trying a 25 K and an 18 K which degraded the amp very badly – sort of like a cat screaming when he was on a hot tin roof.  I opened the sucker up, with my tube of Di Electric Silicone Grease, I smeared it across the wipers, making sure not to over lubricate as men are known to do.

I put this all back together, and being a dumb-ass and having cut it out of the amp the lead lugs I had to re-solder the lugs together, reinstall it into the amp and walla, the amp was pretty much back to normal, except a small hair line fracture glitch at the number 7th position.

Which means the wiper is worn out beyond repair.  Everything works fantastically except at 7 – The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to re-build old pots, because their quality is much better than the newer stuff and will take the re-build.

If you are a little leary of doing this yourself, please feel free to contact me at buck at and I would be more than happy to help!

Talk about Smoking Pot!.

Epiphone SG Junior after Curfew

My son came home a few minutes after curfew, do we ground him? Any normal parent would, but wow..he walked in with is 10.00 curfew breaker… an Black Epiphone SG Junior in need of repair.

The input jack was ripped out, etc..etc..etc… it looked like Cat Scratch Fever all over again from way back.  But it had a gig bag, with parts ta boot! A gig bag that I believe it never laid rest in.

I started out tightening loose screws, while inspecting this after curfew special guitar.  I tightened the neck screws, 4 screw bolt on.  You can only imagine how trashed the jack was and it has been replaced, looked like a tin roof, with plenty of cat action and no rain to wash away the stain.

I did not like the standard tuners, so I went into my arsenal and replaced them with a pair of Grizzly 3 to a side tuners.  (They may be Gotah Tuners, but..I am not sure, the package and directions have since hit the recycle bin)  The P-90 pickups had been quite abused in it’s previous life, that’s life before Bucks Guitar Modifications.

I found two stripped out pole pieces in the P-90 Dog Ear Pick Up, I JB Welded the hole and re-tapped them.  My son was in charge of the re-wiring of the input jack, god almighty at six foot 4 and not wanting to play for the Chicago Bears, he best find a niche.. I am getting him to follow in my footsteps, other than playing football, as my wife would wish a box seat at Soldiers Field.. not happening sweetie pie.. His response to me..

“I gotta start something pops, before you get to senile to teach me.. ”

Story will continue as the Epiphone SG Junior after Curfew is still on the bench..

Fender Squire Bullit

A lesson is approaching here in free thinking, so take off those thinking caps, and find your creative juices..

A friend of mine Jack Lukas from Eleven Eleven – now rehearsing in Chicago brought me a Squire Bullit, with a metal pick guard two single coils disguised as Humbuckers to have a little work done.

He wanted a tremolo arm to be installed, a single coil pickup in the neck position and a a Humbucker in the bridge… impossible?

The Squire body is thinner than a strat, (tremolo was going to be a challenge.) I started figuring and thought to myself, no way.

He told me to go for it.

I cut the tremolo to fit the paper thin body of the Squire Bullit, I placed a Jackon Humbucker in the body, a Jackson Single Coil Pickup in the neck.  I did end up having to call Jackson Tech Support, I wired a Jackson 5 way switch in the mix and walla, a monster was born.

Every time Jack plays the Squire Bullit with the modifications, people ask.. what is that?

I modified the tremolo block to fit the thin body of the Squire Bullit, it does have the Stratocaster Style tuners and stays in tune.  The five way switch gives it a very unique sound.  Catch him live and see what I am talking about.

Eleven Eleven out of Chicago.

Junk Guitars & Garage Sales

Garage Sale Specials & Junk Guitars – buy those old junk guitars, use them for parts, its amazing what you will find.

New vintage pickups are pickups that are faded and sweet sounding.  Check out Lindy Fralin and his pickups.  You will see what I am talking about.

Let nature take it’s course and reap the benefits, if you can find some old DeArmond pickups, OMG! Change the caps in the tone circuit, you can’t make a mistake.  It’s all personally what sounds good to you.

Stay tuned for my re-vamp of a “10.00”… no..”15.00″ -“and my dad will work on your other guitars for free” deal that my son made one of his buddies for a Epiphone SG Junior – pictures will be taken.

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