A lesson is approaching here in free thinking, so take off those thinking caps, and find your creative juices..

A friend of mine Jack Lukas from Eleven Eleven – now rehearsing in Chicago brought me a Squire Bullit, with a metal pick guard two single coils disguised as Humbuckers to have a little work done.

He wanted a tremolo arm to be installed, a single coil pickup in the neck position and a a Humbucker in the bridge… impossible?

The Squire body is thinner than a strat, (tremolo was going to be a challenge.) I started figuring and thought to myself, no way.

He told me to go for it.

I cut the tremolo to fit the paper thin body of the Squire Bullit, I placed a Jackon Humbucker in the body, a Jackson Single Coil Pickup in the neck.  I did end up having to call Jackson Tech Support, I wired a Jackson 5 way switch in the mix and walla, a monster was born.

Every time Jack plays the Squire Bullit with the modifications, people ask.. what is that?

I modified the tremolo block to fit the thin body of the Squire Bullit, it does have the Stratocaster Style tuners and stays in tune.  The five way switch gives it a very unique sound.  Catch him live and see what I am talking about.

Eleven Eleven out of Chicago.