For all you that thought this was something else, you were wrong as usual… Back to old Sunn Amp – the Volume Control was what I was really seeking and no longer available.  After going through extensive catalogs and finding the NOS part is not available, and if it was, would run us about 200.00.

I decided I would re-build the old Volume Control or Pot which is 15K and no longer available – I came to the decision after trying a 25 K and an 18 K which degraded the amp very badly – sort of like a cat screaming when he was on a hot tin roof.  I opened the sucker up, with my tube of Di Electric Silicone Grease, I smeared it across the wipers, making sure not to over lubricate as men are known to do.

I put this all back together, and being a dumb-ass and having cut it out of the amp the lead lugs I had to re-solder the lugs together, reinstall it into the amp and walla, the amp was pretty much back to normal, except a small hair line fracture glitch at the number 7th position.

Which means the wiper is worn out beyond repair.  Everything works fantastically except at 7 – The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to re-build old pots, because their quality is much better than the newer stuff and will take the re-build.

If you are a little leary of doing this yourself, please feel free to contact me at buck at and I would be more than happy to help!

Talk about Smoking Pot!.