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Epiphone SG Junior – Revisted

The Epiphone SG Junior is up and running, after finding all the necessary missing screws and what not.

It Plays…The God’s of Guitar Music at work again.

I twinked the neck, after years of no strings and neglect, it needed it, Truss Rod Stuff..

I have yet to set the intonation on it, my son is still playing around with it.  Jake ended up filing the frets, (he’s quite good at that, go figure) New input Jack, you don’t want to know that story.

I am thinking of adding magnets (Stewart MacDonald) to spice it up the generic pickup and a monster is born.  A side note to magnets, you know all those old hard drives that you are not sure what to do with that came out of old junk computers.. there are two powerful magnets buried within those bad boys.  I just gutted about 8 hard drives that were laying around and am going to start the process of testing those out. Stay tuned…

Remember, one man’s junk is another man’s gold.. I am that other man..

Squire P Bass – Holds a precious gift

Off the wall and out of the box guitar modifications always present a challenge. This latest one really proved to get my artistic juices flowing.

My son’s friend Kyle (A Bass Player) presented this latest challenge, his grandfather had passed away and left him with an old Zippo lighter a gift that he treasures and is quite nostalgic to him.

Kyle wanted it mounted in his Squire P Bass, we brainstormed together and thought of different ways to display his grandfather’s gift.

Originally the idea was to rout a small pocket in the body and make a plexi-glass cover.  We just couldn’t find the right spot.

After 1/2 an hour of “What about here? What about this?” it was if grandpa slapped us in the head with a golden 2 x 4.  The Guitar Gods up there working their magic I suppose.

I turned to Kyle and said “What about turning the Zippo sideways, just below the neck, make it look like a small humbucking pick?  We both agreed – “Cool”  That was working with and listening to the customer.  Now it was time to make the dream a reality.

I started by making the cut out in the pick guard for the Zippo/Humbucker, using a scribe to outline the

Zippo, I drilled small holes for my coping saw.  After making the cut out in the pick guard, I reinstalled it on the body of the Squire P Bass, so that I could scribe the outline for the body rout.

Using my router and a straight flute bit, I won’t bore you with the small details, like removing the neck and cutting the wire’s..etc..etc..

Rout was made, and I glued the Zippo/Humbucker in with “Duco Cement”

Good Stuff – Started putting it back to gether, getting to the bridge, yeap, that came off too.  I noticed the screws were a sloppy fit.

(Some Dowel Rods and Glue) Sloppy no more.

Needless to say, Kyle was ecstatic about the results.

Moral of the story – no matter how much you think you know everything, and us guitar tech’s often think we do, listen to the customer’s wishes, and something will come of it when you analyze what is wanted and what needs to happen to get it done..

Calling all Guitarists

As a practicing musician and not a pro, I find it tough to record myself and critique what I think is crap.  I am always being told that I am good, why do we not hear it in ourselves? Part of life I suppose.  Well if you are interested in coming together with some like minds – there is an interesting new forum that has just hit the internet.

Musician’s Plaza – They are offering a contest to win a Bad Monkey Overdrive Pedal for doing just that, record yourself.  If your looking for somewhere to hang out and share idea’s, it’s worth stopping in and signing up.

Here is a snippet of the story on Musician’s Plaza – go forward and read more

If you are a practicing musician or just thinking of picking up a guitar, here is a place to strut your stuff. It’s truly a fresh new Strat stomping ground, with discussions on Stratocaster, Telecasters and an Acoustic Café’ where the coffee could be brewing, the beer could be flowing and the knowledge is being shared.

Creative juices begin to flow when you surround yourself with like minded people. I am a firm believer in having more than one set of eyes looking at something it will get you a totally new outlook on what it is your looking at. In this case you may want to pull out the ear plugs and listen to some practicing musicians and new musical talent.


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