As a practicing musician and not a pro, I find it tough to record myself and critique what I think is crap.  I am always being told that I am good, why do we not hear it in ourselves? Part of life I suppose.  Well if you are interested in coming together with some like minds – there is an interesting new forum that has just hit the internet.

Musician’s Plaza – They are offering a contest to win a Bad Monkey Overdrive Pedal for doing just that, record yourself.  If your looking for somewhere to hang out and share idea’s, it’s worth stopping in and signing up.

Here is a snippet of the story on Musician’s Plaza – go forward and read more

If you are a practicing musician or just thinking of picking up a guitar, here is a place to strut your stuff. It’s truly a fresh new Strat stomping ground, with discussions on Stratocaster, Telecasters and an Acoustic Café’ where the coffee could be brewing, the beer could be flowing and the knowledge is being shared.

Creative juices begin to flow when you surround yourself with like minded people. I am a firm believer in having more than one set of eyes looking at something it will get you a totally new outlook on what it is your looking at. In this case you may want to pull out the ear plugs and listen to some practicing musicians and new musical talent.