The Epiphone SG Junior is up and running, after finding all the necessary missing screws and what not.

It Plays…The God’s of Guitar Music at work again.

I twinked the neck, after years of no strings and neglect, it needed it, Truss Rod Stuff..

I have yet to set the intonation on it, my son is still playing around with it.  Jake ended up filing the frets, (he’s quite good at that, go figure) New input Jack, you don’t want to know that story.

I am thinking of adding magnets (Stewart MacDonald) to spice it up the generic pickup and a monster is born.  A side note to magnets, you know all those old hard drives that you are not sure what to do with that came out of old junk computers.. there are two powerful magnets buried within those bad boys.  I just gutted about 8 hard drives that were laying around and am going to start the process of testing those out. Stay tuned…

Remember, one man’s junk is another man’s gold.. I am that other man..