Creating the environment for guitar modifications, with it being Jimi Hendrix’s Birthday, I say crank up the tunes as loud as you can and get to work on that Foxy Lady.

Currently I am working on a Gibson GA30-RVS Amp this is the one that was made in England by Trace Elliot, bought it at our local pawn shop and let me say, it’s heavy…in more ways than one!

The amp played marvelously when we first purchased it, but looking into changing the tubes we found that the EL-84 tube sockets were burning – after contacting the people at Gibson, we were told this is due to an inferior material used in the socket.  We found some sockets at British Audio Service right here in my back yard actually – Sugar Grove, Illinois.

I had a friend of mine – Alan – who is an electrical engineer re-wire the sockets, it was beyond my scope of taking the amp apart to actually get at the sockets.  We are still experiencing quite a bit of static (the sound of crackling  paper)  when the amp is turned on.

Currently going through the amp and checking all the connections and solder joints, as there were a lot that were un-soldered. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress as this amp is much to important to leave on the shelf, as well as my son would not let me, it is his favorite amp.  So I am “burning the midnight lamp” that Jimi spoke of on Electric Ladyland

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