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Tools for Guitar Modifications

bucks-guitar-amp-repair Hey Boys & Girls – I am Back, and I have a little attitude today.  Talking outside the box, because remember, if you are in the box, someone can put the lid on and that means you’re dead and ready to be lowered six feet under.

Off topic for a moment, that phrase reminds me of a song by Guns N’ Roses,  “Used to Lover Her” don’t let anyone bury something you love six feet under – quite an acoustic adventure.

I grew up with parents that lived through the depression, people who truly knew what it meant to “want”, having nothing because there was nothing! Wow.. imagine this, they made it.  A world of no big screen tv’s, blue ray disks or SUV’s.

They worked their asses off for maybe .50 a day to survive, looking into our present economy, I look at what I can master with my own hands, and I am going to tell ya.. there are all sorts of unique ways to make some tricked out guitar tools…
Fret Leveling Files
Beveling Files
String Retainers
Neck Cradles
Specialty Wrenches
Radius Gauges and more..

Don’t be afraid to make your own tools, think of how much understanding and insight you will have creating your own world.   Read, Learn, Do or in some cases search the web too!

Remember there are basic tools used in guitar & amp repair and modifications.  Think of this, a tool costing $50.00 you can make for $5.00, you will gain a bigger sense of pride when you complete a project that you put your heart and soul into with a tool that you created to assist in the process.

Joy! So for all you 70’s cats who sparked the rock revolution, it’s like beating the man!The more you know and do for yourself, the more knowledge you will have and you will be better prepared when there comes along a challenge that you need to rely on your guitar or amp repair man.  You’ll not only appreciate your knowledge, you’ll also appreciated the qualified repairman!

If you feel that you need to purchase those tools, as I have many a time, check out the latest and greatest deals from Musicians Friend with Price Cuts and Clearances, sometimes you get lucky!

Save Up to 88% on Price Cuts & Final Clearance at

Bonus BUCKS from Musicians Friend for your BASS

Hi Di Ho boys and girls.

Earn Up to $150 in Bonus Bucks at (exp: 2/3)

What can I tell you about Musicians Friend other than they deliver to my house religiously…

I have a fun project for you to hone your guitar modification skills…. Buy a cheap bass from
Shop Early and Save Up to 89% on Price Cuts & Fina
and make it to play like a Fender…..first you will need to cut a new nut (most likely cut it’s cut too deep) that’s been my experience

Radius the new nut to the finger board, (see Stew Mac for Proper Tools) leave it high for later adjustments, next don’t be afraid to loosen the truss rod, (back bow) 1/8 turn at a time. Radius your bridge to the finger board..when you adjust your truss rod, don’t be surprised if it takes a day to re-adjust. It’s a cat and mouse game. I started with string buzzing, well past the 6th fret. I have dialed it down to the last 3 frets….

(G to E on the low string) Do not get discouraged, (1/8th turn at a time of the truss rod) Keep on twinking…slow and smooth is good..similar to Sailor Jerry Rum…. and remember, Rogue, Ibanez, Fender…etc… they all make cheap stuff.

If you are diligent you will make a bass guitar that will AMAZE, as did Mickey Rourke on the Golden Globes, but ask my wife about his speech…. anyhow.. back to.. slow and determined, it takes time to whip these puppies into shape, you can show the money mongers they really do make good stuff..

You can substitute reasonably priced thrifty best bang for the BUCK

or any other PC term that stokes your ego for cheap, but remember.. I am talking about “playability” sound wise you have to change the pickups..

Visit, Larry or Seymour….

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Fender Bullit

There are so very many Fender Products and I forgot about the Bullit – so Boy’s and Girls, I am back!

Sorry for my absence, layoff’s at work and long winter mix of snow my work hours left me with little desire to do what I enjoy – and there is something wrong with that.

I modified a Fender Bullit back in the early 80’s for my friend Jack L – from Eleven Eleven, he gave it back to me this past weekend and said the volume pot was going bad.  I told him I would replace the pot no problem, well after removing the strings and face plate exposing the electronics, WHOA! I had forgot what I did for wiring. 

I had a cap and resistor wired in the pot and ground wires everywhere.  Luckily I used a DiMarzio Poat (remember it’s 20 years ago0 so being shocked at my past wiring prowness, I thought let’s try and clean it.  Bingo Bob’s your uncle,  black crud everywhere.  Although I had to change out the input jack, I changed the location doing the mod thru the side of the body.

Put it back together, I let my son Jake road test it and our Fender/Jackson Bullit was back barking with authority!.

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