There are so very many Fender Products and I forgot about the Bullit – so Boy’s and Girls, I am back!

Sorry for my absence, layoff’s at work and long winter mix of snow my work hours left me with little desire to do what I enjoy – and there is something wrong with that.

I modified a Fender Bullit back in the early 80’s for my friend Jack L – from Eleven Eleven, he gave it back to me this past weekend and said the volume pot was going bad.  I told him I would replace the pot no problem, well after removing the strings and face plate exposing the electronics, WHOA! I had forgot what I did for wiring. 

I had a cap and resistor wired in the pot and ground wires everywhere.  Luckily I used a DiMarzio Poat (remember it’s 20 years ago0 so being shocked at my past wiring prowness, I thought let’s try and clean it.  Bingo Bob’s your uncle,  black crud everywhere.  Although I had to change out the input jack, I changed the location doing the mod thru the side of the body.

Put it back together, I let my son Jake road test it and our Fender/Jackson Bullit was back barking with authority!.