Hi Di Ho boys and girls.

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I have a fun project for you to hone your guitar modification skills…. Buy a cheap bass from
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and make it to play like a Fender…..first you will need to cut a new nut (most likely cut it’s cut too deep) that’s been my experience

Radius the new nut to the finger board, (see Stew Mac for Proper Tools) leave it high for later adjustments, next don’t be afraid to loosen the truss rod, (back bow) 1/8 turn at a time. Radius your bridge to the finger board..when you adjust your truss rod, don’t be surprised if it takes a day to re-adjust. It’s a cat and mouse game. I started with string buzzing, well past the 6th fret. I have dialed it down to the last 3 frets….

(G to E on the low string) Do not get discouraged, (1/8th turn at a time of the truss rod) Keep on twinking…slow and smooth is good..similar to Sailor Jerry Rum…. and remember, Rogue, Ibanez, Fender…etc… they all make cheap stuff.

If you are diligent you will make a bass guitar that will AMAZE, as did Mickey Rourke on the Golden Globes, but ask my wife about his speech…. anyhow.. back to.. slow and determined, it takes time to whip these puppies into shape, you can show the money mongers they really do make good stuff..

You can substitute reasonably priced thrifty best bang for the BUCK

or any other PC term that stokes your ego for cheap, but remember.. I am talking about “playability” sound wise you have to change the pickups..

Visit, Larry or Seymour….