Connect the Dot’s, Well I’m back at it again.  Could’nt leave well enough alone.

I’m referring to my Epiphone Dot (made in china) the one I put Seymour Duncan “Seth Lover” pick ups on.  I was bored and decided it needed a fret job, a new nut etc. etc.

After knocking the old nut out literally ( hammer and a block of wood ) Of course I used my X-acto knife to score the paint- got a chip anyway ( just clear coat ).  With the nut removed I started the fret job, I straightened the neck with the truss rod and started filing.  (had a little fret buzzing going on in the upper registers), my fault I don’t play in this area very much.

The first five fret’s had grooves, no, I mean ruts – I had to file out.  After leveling I used my crowning file to crown the frets.  Now I moved back onto the nut, I was going to install a trem style nut – you know those high tech super low friction babies.  After pre-fitting and looking at it, and pre-fitting again I decided to put the original one back in.

I did a cardinal no-no, I didn’t re-bow the neck with the truss rod, I put strings on it and like the way it played, so I left it that way..