Ovation Gold Tuner

This blog warms my heart, as should it yours (the reader) too

It’s about regaining faith in people.

My friend Ed had an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe # CS257 Acoustic Guitar on which one of the tuners (that thing the strings tighten on, you’ll understand the reference later!)
had broken on the shaft, I thought this was a very strange break only to find it’s common from my friend at Dr. Wood’s Guitar Emporium in Fox River Grove, Illinois.

He wasn’t an Ovation Dealer but had a used tuner, but it was the wrong side.  Just my luck, he gave me a phone number to call, KMC music, I call KMC and spoke with very nice people in the accessories department, they (hell, I forget their names – I apologize) who informed me that I had to call an Ovation Dealer, they said my closed dealer would be Guitar Center.  Knowing that Ed said he got the guitar in Arlington Heights, I put two and two together and phoned in.  I am thinking great, big chain store, no pr, just sell, sell, sell.

I spoke with Matt in the accessories department, and to my surprise, very nice, very helpful.  I told him I need a gold tuner for an Ovation Celebrity, he said, let me call you right back, I’ll check on it.. yeah.. right I thought to myself.  To my surprise, there are alot of surprises in this story, within 10 minutes the phone rang, and it was Matt, he said they don’t make a gold guitar tuner for that model.  I said, well that’s strange I have six of them on the guitar, he said.. OH.. that kind of tuner ! I guess I didn’t relay the right information.  I’ll call you right back he said, I thought, this is where Matt get’s tired of me and doesn’t call back, well 15 minutes later, sure as shinola, he said I have good news for you, I thought here it comes, I talked to KMC the same company that Matt probably just talked to, and KMC told me the price of the part, and I thought, here comes the mark up.  Matt said, it’s no charge, and I ordered it for you, it will be here in a week.  Just come and pick it up!

My brain froze, did I hear this right, and he said yeap, it’s all taken care of, it’s in my name, just come to the store after I call you and tell you it’s in.  Matt called the following week, left a message on my machine, I went to Guitar Center a few days later after work, in rush hour and I hate rush hour.  Went in the store, greeted by a nice young lady, explained why I was there and she sent me to the right department, but Matt wasn’t there.  I thought here we go, wasted trip, yet another nice staffer said he’d check it and disappeared.  I wandered around the store like a kid in a candy store, encountering several nice employees, twenty minutes passed and the person found my order walked me to the front door, explaining to the security guy why I was leaving with a mail pouch.

All I can say it was a gratifying experience at Guitar Center, everyone I encountered was very helpful and nice.  Matt – Thank you!

Now back to my original point, I was pleasantly surprised how easy this part was to get.  (which I thought would be a pain in the ass to get)

Thank you too to Buddy at Dr. Woods, the people at KMC, and Matt, plus the entire staff at Guitar Center in Arlington Heights that helped me out.  All you guys made a new found believer out of a doubting Thomas, and showed true customer service.   You made my customer very happy, who thinks I am a guitar repair god (just kidding Ed)

P.S. All of the people mentioned can thank my lovely wife – Susie – Soul-to-Soul.com who’s holding a rolling pin over my head as I write this because she knows I am an ASS – Anti Social Son of a Gun

Good Night Mrs.Calabash – (figure that out, it’s a famous quote).