Just got done throwing 3000 plus comments in the trash

Silly me, I thought  Bucks Guitar Modification was a subtle hint about what my site was about!!

I don’t want my prostate milked, Hear from Satan nor do I speak Russian

Let me refresh the English speaking  world what my site is about ” Guitar Repair” plain and simple.  I don’t care if you want to show me private parts or be your love monkey!!

Listen to “Madness” by the James Gang (ya I know it’s not Joe Walsh) That’s where I’m coming from…

Enough ranting and raving

Started a new Guitar for Lovely Wife, you know the one that endures all my insanity

It’s a Grizzly kit, Heirloom Curly Maple Strat kit. I must admit the Heirloom kit is a definite upgrade from the basic strat kit

I had to work less Buck Magic on this kit, than the first Tele kit!!!! Sorry Grizzly

Pic’s and commentary to follow,  I promise.