Most often when you think of Danelectro you think pedals and effects or you think of the Danelectro 1956 Single Cutaway w/ Bottle Headstock Electric Guitar

At least that’s what my wife tells me!

She, my wife and some friends bought me a Danelectro 12 String for my 50th Birthday, it is a very cool guitar indeed.  A very fast thin neck, easy to play and it has great pickups.

I marvel at the fore thought of it’s design.  At first look, you would think the neck would snap off the body, being as thing as it is.  You couldn’t be more wrong, if  “Wish You Where Here” is a favorite song of yours, (mine!) this guitar is for you. A great guitar for recapturing your youth.

I have played several 12 string guitars, this one plays like butter, it makes you appreciate the time & effort older guitarists went through to create their music.

I know this article isn’t very technical, (wood, hardware, etc) but it’s more about the personal feel and the spirit of music, and for me, this guitar delivers..