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British Audio Service

Kudo’s to Shane at British Audio Service

Shane fixed my fixes the correct way and I might add, remember boys and girls, Buck is a hacker willing to try anything but smart enough to know when he is way out of his league.

I always say, don’t be afraid to try, but then again, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Shane, my man, KUDO’s on the Gibson Amp and the Sunn Amp, both of them are up and running, just like they should be!.

Tools for Guitar Modifications

bucks-guitar-amp-repair Hey Boys & Girls – I am Back, and I have a little attitude today.  Talking outside the box, because remember, if you are in the box, someone can put the lid on and that means you’re dead and ready to be lowered six feet under.

Off topic for a moment, that phrase reminds me of a song by Guns N’ Roses,  “Used to Lover Her” don’t let anyone bury something you love six feet under – quite an acoustic adventure.

I grew up with parents that lived through the depression, people who truly knew what it meant to “want”, having nothing because there was nothing! Wow.. imagine this, they made it.  A world of no big screen tv’s, blue ray disks or SUV’s.

They worked their asses off for maybe .50 a day to survive, looking into our present economy, I look at what I can master with my own hands, and I am going to tell ya.. there are all sorts of unique ways to make some tricked out guitar tools…
Fret Leveling Files
Beveling Files
String Retainers
Neck Cradles
Specialty Wrenches
Radius Gauges and more..

Don’t be afraid to make your own tools, think of how much understanding and insight you will have creating your own world.   Read, Learn, Do or in some cases search the web too!

Remember there are basic tools used in guitar & amp repair and modifications.  Think of this, a tool costing $50.00 you can make for $5.00, you will gain a bigger sense of pride when you complete a project that you put your heart and soul into with a tool that you created to assist in the process.

Joy! So for all you 70’s cats who sparked the rock revolution, it’s like beating the man!The more you know and do for yourself, the more knowledge you will have and you will be better prepared when there comes along a challenge that you need to rely on your guitar or amp repair man.  You’ll not only appreciate your knowledge, you’ll also appreciated the qualified repairman!

If you feel that you need to purchase those tools, as I have many a time, check out the latest and greatest deals from Musicians Friend with Price Cuts and Clearances, sometimes you get lucky!

Save Up to 88% on Price Cuts & Final Clearance at

Gibson GA30-RVS Amp

Creating the environment for guitar modifications, with it being Jimi Hendrix’s Birthday, I say crank up the tunes as loud as you can and get to work on that Foxy Lady.

Currently I am working on a Gibson GA30-RVS Amp this is the one that was made in England by Trace Elliot, bought it at our local pawn shop and let me say, it’s heavy…in more ways than one!

The amp played marvelously when we first purchased it, but looking into changing the tubes we found that the EL-84 tube sockets were burning – after contacting the people at Gibson, we were told this is due to an inferior material used in the socket.  We found some sockets at British Audio Service right here in my back yard actually – Sugar Grove, Illinois.

I had a friend of mine – Alan – who is an electrical engineer re-wire the sockets, it was beyond my scope of taking the amp apart to actually get at the sockets.  We are still experiencing quite a bit of static (the sound of crackling  paper)  when the amp is turned on.

Currently going through the amp and checking all the connections and solder joints, as there were a lot that were un-soldered. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress as this amp is much to important to leave on the shelf, as well as my son would not let me, it is his favorite amp.  So I am “burning the midnight lamp” that Jimi spoke of on Electric Ladyland

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Talk About Smoking Pot

For all you that thought this was something else, you were wrong as usual… Back to old Sunn Amp – the Volume Control was what I was really seeking and no longer available.  After going through extensive catalogs and finding the NOS part is not available, and if it was, would run us about 200.00.

I decided I would re-build the old Volume Control or Pot which is 15K and no longer available – I came to the decision after trying a 25 K and an 18 K which degraded the amp very badly – sort of like a cat screaming when he was on a hot tin roof.  I opened the sucker up, with my tube of Di Electric Silicone Grease, I smeared it across the wipers, making sure not to over lubricate as men are known to do.

I put this all back together, and being a dumb-ass and having cut it out of the amp the lead lugs I had to re-solder the lugs together, reinstall it into the amp and walla, the amp was pretty much back to normal, except a small hair line fracture glitch at the number 7th position.

Which means the wiper is worn out beyond repair.  Everything works fantastically except at 7 – The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to re-build old pots, because their quality is much better than the newer stuff and will take the re-build.

If you are a little leary of doing this yourself, please feel free to contact me at buck at and I would be more than happy to help!

Talk about Smoking Pot!.

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