img_1730Gerry’s Fender Hot Noiseless 3 Pickup Set

Gerry own’s a Korean made strat, he decided he wanted to sound like
Jeff Beck
without the cost of a brand new guitar.  He brought me his strat, and a box of  Fender Hot Noiseless 3 Pickup Set, and
Graph Tech Slotted Trem-Nut for Stratocaster

and being the whore for adventure that I am – I quickly said “no problem”

After getting started and realizing the moutain I was climbing and a phone call saying…”I don’t think I can” Gerry said – “Oh Yes You Can!”

I put on my thinking cap, and Sailor Jerry and I took over – The first problem I tackled was fitting the pickups in the pickguard.  The cutout’s were too small for the  Noiseless 3 Pickups.

After 3-4 hours of using my scraper made out of a 3 corner scraper, problem solved.  The next problem using the spaces that came with the noiseless set for mounting, was a no-go.  Spacing of a Korean Strat does not like the spacing of img_1732American sized pickups.  (I think it may be some sort of evil plot)  But with the help of Felix and his bag of tricks, I found that traditional mounting springs (stew mac) worked and 1 problem solved.

Wired it up, and Oh No.. Mr. Bill… Noiseless Pickups are not so noiseless under neon lights, unless you are holding onto the strings.  Hey Felix what the hell do I do? After remembering something that I read that Dan Armstrong recommended (0.100 uf 250v, cap) on the wire going to the bridge, and…another problem solved.

Now the Nut – Trem-Nut for Stratocaster – Oh boy, I read that a simple tap to the side of the nut after scoring around it to eliminate finish chipping, is the golden key – not on this strat.  (I guess the guys in Korea don’t hold to this theory.)  They like tight fits and glue, good for tone, but not for me.  More tapping, more tapping and no results.  I finally sawed the nut, making a groove in the middle, hoping to collapse it, WRONG… pieces broke off and flush with the finger board.  Back to the saw for deeper groove and a very narrow chisel.  Tap, Tap, Swear, Swear…Sailor Jerry..Beware!

I finally removed the nut, (ps – it was un-salvageable) Cleaned the nut slot and installed the nut, good fit right out of the box.  (Thanks Trem Nut).  The action was horribly high, nut files to rescue.  Trial and error to get the right height, (truss adjustment involved, check out John Carruthers DVD for some cool tips.)  All went well (alot of cut, restring, check, cut, restring, etc…) until I am approaching the promise land and bam! Buzz on the high E, I am hoping it’s the frets so I can dress it out. NO! Nut slot is .02 to deep….%$#%$#..were my thoughts.   .02…what to do, a new nut and start over.  Felix, where are you? Finally he answered a small piece of 3m 600 grit wet or dry paper 0.01-0.02 did the trick problem 3 solved.

Now onto his preformed case, oh I forgot to tell you about this, it had 3 hinges, 2 of the hinges were pulled away from the case.  Its tabs that hold them in place pulled free.  After removing the bottom preform insert that holds the guitar in place in the case.  (be careful if you try this at home) after reinserting the tab’s in there holes, I peened them over to hold in place, an okay repair not my best, and you will know why if you try this.  I recommend a new case
Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster Molded Guitar Case Black
.  Problem 4 solved!

Gerry owes me a small amount of cash, even more rum and one of his super taco dinners, if you are lucky enough to get one of Gerry’s Taco Dinners, you’ll understand why it’s only a small amount of cash!.