A gift to my son from a dear friend of ours Rick, was a Guild S-100, and being 16 years old, he decided he needed it tweaked, willing to sit with me through hours of investigation, clean up and prep… I don’t think so, and I ran into a little problem.

The roller bridge is a very hard replacement to find, and the one on this was very badly worn. (no luck in finding a replacement). By trial and error, I decided to mount a Gibson ABR, thinking to myself, the string spacing is just a tad to wide.

It was..

I found a Washburn ABR style bridge on an Oscar Schmidt the Delta King 335 Style, sold by Musicians Friend & Guitar Centers , it was almost the correct fit, close enough for a government worker. I masquerade as a city worker during the day.

The action will be a hair high, but it can be lowered with a little bit of assistance from a guitar technician. My son does like the action high for playing slide guitar, so therefore, no more problem!.