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Tools for Guitar Modifications

bucks-guitar-amp-repair Hey Boys & Girls – I am Back, and I have a little attitude today.  Talking outside the box, because remember, if you are in the box, someone can put the lid on and that means you’re dead and ready to be lowered six feet under.

Off topic for a moment, that phrase reminds me of a song by Guns N’ Roses,  “Used to Lover Her” don’t let anyone bury something you love six feet under – quite an acoustic adventure.

I grew up with parents that lived through the depression, people who truly knew what it meant to “want”, having nothing because there was nothing! Wow.. imagine this, they made it.  A world of no big screen tv’s, blue ray disks or SUV’s.

They worked their asses off for maybe .50 a day to survive, looking into our present economy, I look at what I can master with my own hands, and I am going to tell ya.. there are all sorts of unique ways to make some tricked out guitar tools…
Fret Leveling Files
Beveling Files
String Retainers
Neck Cradles
Specialty Wrenches
Radius Gauges and more..

Don’t be afraid to make your own tools, think of how much understanding and insight you will have creating your own world.   Read, Learn, Do or in some cases search the web too!

Remember there are basic tools used in guitar & amp repair and modifications.  Think of this, a tool costing $50.00 you can make for $5.00, you will gain a bigger sense of pride when you complete a project that you put your heart and soul into with a tool that you created to assist in the process.

Joy! So for all you 70’s cats who sparked the rock revolution, it’s like beating the man!The more you know and do for yourself, the more knowledge you will have and you will be better prepared when there comes along a challenge that you need to rely on your guitar or amp repair man.  You’ll not only appreciate your knowledge, you’ll also appreciated the qualified repairman!

If you feel that you need to purchase those tools, as I have many a time, check out the latest and greatest deals from Musicians Friend with Price Cuts and Clearances, sometimes you get lucky!

Save Up to 88% on Price Cuts & Final Clearance at

Grizzly Telecaster Kits – Build it they will play

Grizzly Telecaster Kits –  yeah that’s me in all my glory there, after I put together my son’s Tele Kit we bought from Grizzly.

The standard kit is 129.00, and I have to say, pretty cool for the cash.  A lot of the pre-cut parts are just a hair off, but for an old guitar hacker like me, it’s okay, I like the challenge of making it work.

Remember in the back of your tune driven mind, you are making a 500.00 plus guitar for a fraction of the cost. It only takes minor tweaking, but you need the tools to do it, it’s not a paint by numbers thing.  You will feel like you are really building a guitar.  The instruction book is very helpful, if you can get past the man thing, and read the directions.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box on this one.

The last kit that I bought, yeah, I forked out more to buy another one, gotta make mine better than the Gentle Giant that lives upstairs, it had a lot of flaws, something to really sink your teeth in.  A thinking man’s kit.

I had to shave the neck to fit, the pick guard needed some tweaking, the input jack hole not the right size, a hackers dream so to say,  where your creative juices find no bounds, stop bitching just dooo-it.  It’s your guitar, make it what you want to is how I approached it.

The string through bridge mount bridge is very cool, the pick ups are okay.  Add some magnets and walla, mega tele – Grizzly, call me, I’d be glad to help!

Don’t be afraid of this value, it will bring out the best in you, great kit for the thinking man.  They sell an abundance of tools to help on your quest to be a “guitar making god”

If your unsure and have some questions, feel free to email me, or if your interested in a custom made kit but don’t have the know how – email me.

buck at

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