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I’m Back


Just got done throwing 3000 plus comments in the trash

Silly me, I thought  Bucks Guitar Modification was a subtle hint about what my site was about!!

I don’t want my prostate milked, Hear from Satan nor do I speak Russian

Let me refresh the English speaking  world what my site is about ” Guitar Repair” plain and simple.  I don’t care if you want to show me private parts or be your love monkey!!

Listen to “Madness” by the James Gang (ya I know it’s not Joe Walsh) That’s where I’m coming from…

Enough ranting and raving

Started a new Guitar for Lovely Wife, you know the one that endures all my insanity

It’s a Grizzly kit, Heirloom Curly Maple Strat kit. I must admit the Heirloom kit is a definite upgrade from the basic strat kit

I had to work less Buck Magic on this kit, than the first Tele kit!!!! Sorry Grizzly

Pic’s and commentary to follow,  I promise.

Ovation Acoustic Guitar

Ovation Gold Tuner

This blog warms my heart, as should it yours (the reader) too

It’s about regaining faith in people.

My friend Ed had an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe # CS257 Acoustic Guitar on which one of the tuners (that thing the strings tighten on, you’ll understand the reference later!)
had broken on the shaft, I thought this was a very strange break only to find it’s common from my friend at Dr. Wood’s Guitar Emporium in Fox River Grove, Illinois.

He wasn’t an Ovation Dealer but had a used tuner, but it was the wrong side.  Just my luck, he gave me a phone number to call, KMC music, I call KMC and spoke with very nice people in the accessories department, they (hell, I forget their names – I apologize) who informed me that I had to call an Ovation Dealer, they said my closed dealer would be Guitar Center.  Knowing that Ed said he got the guitar in Arlington Heights, I put two and two together and phoned in.  I am thinking great, big chain store, no pr, just sell, sell, sell.

I spoke with Matt in the accessories department, and to my surprise, very nice, very helpful.  I told him I need a gold tuner for an Ovation Celebrity, he said, let me call you right back, I’ll check on it.. yeah.. right I thought to myself.  To my surprise, there are alot of surprises in this story, within 10 minutes the phone rang, and it was Matt, he said they don’t make a gold guitar tuner for that model.  I said, well that’s strange I have six of them on the guitar, he said.. OH.. that kind of tuner ! I guess I didn’t relay the right information.  I’ll call you right back he said, I thought, this is where Matt get’s tired of me and doesn’t call back, well 15 minutes later, sure as shinola, he said I have good news for you, I thought here it comes, I talked to KMC the same company that Matt probably just talked to, and KMC told me the price of the part, and I thought, here comes the mark up.  Matt said, it’s no charge, and I ordered it for you, it will be here in a week.  Just come and pick it up!

My brain froze, did I hear this right, and he said yeap, it’s all taken care of, it’s in my name, just come to the store after I call you and tell you it’s in.  Matt called the following week, left a message on my machine, I went to Guitar Center a few days later after work, in rush hour and I hate rush hour.  Went in the store, greeted by a nice young lady, explained why I was there and she sent me to the right department, but Matt wasn’t there.  I thought here we go, wasted trip, yet another nice staffer said he’d check it and disappeared.  I wandered around the store like a kid in a candy store, encountering several nice employees, twenty minutes passed and the person found my order walked me to the front door, explaining to the security guy why I was leaving with a mail pouch.

All I can say it was a gratifying experience at Guitar Center, everyone I encountered was very helpful and nice.  Matt – Thank you!

Now back to my original point, I was pleasantly surprised how easy this part was to get.  (which I thought would be a pain in the ass to get)

Thank you too to Buddy at Dr. Woods, the people at KMC, and Matt, plus the entire staff at Guitar Center in Arlington Heights that helped me out.  All you guys made a new found believer out of a doubting Thomas, and showed true customer service.   You made my customer very happy, who thinks I am a guitar repair god (just kidding Ed)

P.S. All of the people mentioned can thank my lovely wife – Susie – who’s holding a rolling pin over my head as I write this because she knows I am an ASS – Anti Social Son of a Gun

Good Night Mrs.Calabash – (figure that out, it’s a famous quote).

Epiphone Dot Mods

Connect the Dot’s, Well I’m back at it again.  Could’nt leave well enough alone.

I’m referring to my Epiphone Dot (made in china) the one I put Seymour Duncan “Seth Lover” pick ups on.  I was bored and decided it needed a fret job, a new nut etc. etc.

After knocking the old nut out literally ( hammer and a block of wood ) Of course I used my X-acto knife to score the paint- got a chip anyway ( just clear coat ).  With the nut removed I started the fret job, I straightened the neck with the truss rod and started filing.  (had a little fret buzzing going on in the upper registers), my fault I don’t play in this area very much.

The first five fret’s had grooves, no, I mean ruts – I had to file out.  After leveling I used my crowning file to crown the frets.  Now I moved back onto the nut, I was going to install a trem style nut – you know those high tech super low friction babies.  After pre-fitting and looking at it, and pre-fitting again I decided to put the original one back in.

I did a cardinal no-no, I didn’t re-bow the neck with the truss rod, I put strings on it and like the way it played, so I left it that way..

Death of an Innocent Age – Virtual Blog Tour

My wife told me, we were asked to be part of a virtual blog tour – for the a CD… now remember I am not a blog type of guy, 56 years old and stubborn about new techie stuff.  When she told me it was about Dan Fogelberg, I shuttered.

Growing up thru Dan’s musical history, I always fancied myself a bit more hard core (musically) than Dan.  I know the name and to my surprise I had an album of his in my vinyl collection (huh? that is strange) So, I got out my D3 solution, and my discwasher, fired up my realistic LAB-400 (That’s a Record Player) pushed power on my Sansui 8080DB receiver and sat… AWESTRUCK..

Listening to Dan’s Innocent Age Album, reading through the album credits, wondering who were the backing musicians? Guitar, Keyboard, Synth, etch..and I kept seeing Dan’s name, how could I have kept an album like this locked in my cave (my record room in the attic) for so many years!! His vocal’s and song writing ability lost to me for so long?

It was like discovering new ground all over again, Dejavooo or something like that.  I kept wondering how did Dan’s album find it’s way into my collection? Some strange karma at work here.  If you don’t believe me, read the credits 0 see who his backing musicians were, Russ Kunkel, Rich Furay, Kenny Passarelli, Mike Finnigan.  A virtual whose who of the rock and roll world.

There all here on Dan’s Album.  The Magic Staggers my small brain, me, one who thinks he is so smart.. and Dan did this back in the 80’s.  These are albums you listen to the entire album, not just a few songs. How rare is work like that.  Dan keeps drawing you in, song after song.

Dan – I have to apologize (posthumously) that I let such music slip through my fingers all these years.

All I can say is thanks for being there for me to discover again.

I think there is a lesson here for all musicians and music fan’s alike, follow your dream because you may never achieve fame and fortune (some do) but your music will reach someone, sometime and how awesome is that.

To quote the credit mongers who have ruined our world.. “priceless”

In closing, don’t forget who you are and follow your dreams and I am sure Dan will cross your path at some moment in time.

As I wrote this post, I listened to the entire album, in a room where my son was sleeping, he is usually a restless sleeper and tosses all over, he didn’t wake up or stir once, I think he enjoyed Dan’s peace and harmonly as well as I did.

Life is short to take yourself too seriously, love your woman, respect your friends and it will all work out and you may find happiness along the way!

Fred Magliore from FM Odyssey did an interview with Dan and here are a few clips of what is on the cd –

MP3 Clip – DF on “Same Old Lang Syne”
MP3 Clip – DF remembers Thanksgiving

Just a preview of what’s on the CD – The entire CD Can Be purchased at FM Odyssey as well and $3.00 from each purchase is going to The Prostate Cancer Foundation – the disease that took Dan’s Life.

Excitingly so – if you leave a comment – you have a chance to win the CD as well – details below.

There are about 45 minutes of “lost segments” from the CD which have never been & WILL likely never be released to the public!

Each person that posts a comment during this tour will be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of this one-of-a-kind CD with the remainder of the interview!!!

The most unique, insightful, special comment will be chosen to win a copy, in addition to the random drawing winners!

If you’d like to see what others are saying and take a peek at previous posts that were on the tour – here’s what went on.

Thursday April 2 – Cheryl Malandrinos Review

Friday April 3 – Steven Bradley – Review of CD, quips from interview, banners, possible interview questions

Monday April 6 – Shelley Tucker Review of CD

Tuesday April 7 – Joyce Anthony Review of CD

Wednesday April 8- Dyan Review of CD

Thursday, April 9– Joyce Anthony

Friday, April 10– Linda Merlino CD Review and Shelia Goss- mp3’s clips & review

Wednesday, April 15– Marta Hoelscher & CD Review

Thursday, April 16– Susie Kleiner – my wife, and of course, right here at Bucks Guitar Modifications

17th- Robin Epstein is a lover of Dan Fogelberg’s music for a long time & will submit a review

22nd- Susan Wingate: ; will review the CD

29th & 30th- Marvin at: Free Spirit blog at

Hippie Days blog at will review the CD.

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